How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

In this guide, we will help you choose the best WordPress theme for your website. WordPress theme is important component of every successful website.

choose the best wordpress theme

So, you have chosen the domain name, got right WordPress hosting. Now you have just installed WordPress, and here you are, in front of the default theme. The overall look (design) of your site is determined by the theme you choose. Most WP themes come with predefined text colors and fonts, page templates, widget locations and many other details and styles that all together contribute to the look of your website.

The best thing about WP themes is that, with a bit of luck, you can get an outstanding look for your website without having to write even a single line of code.

There are thousands of themes in the WordPress repository. We assume it would take you a pretty long time to search through all of them to find the right WordPress theme for your website. This is how we came up with this article. We will guide you through all the essential aspects that will help you make the best choice. We hope that by the end of this article you will have gained deep insight into how to choose a WordPress theme.

Free of Premium WordPress theme?

First of all, think of how much you would like to invest in this theme. Check your budget and choose according to the plan. At the same time, there are some aspects to keep in mind when making this decision: not all paid themes represent excellent products, and not all free themes are low-quality products. These being said, it can happen to find outstanding free themes, and horrible paid themes.

Sometimes, because they are free and there is no funding, many free themes are not updated in time. So at some point, you will get stuck. WordPress itself is often upgraded and there are high chances that your theme will not work pretty well. Also, there are free themes for which you will find very little to zero assistance and support. So you will have to handle it on your own.

Tip: we have good experience with these premium WordPress themes: Divi theme and Avada. They are very flexible but still simple enough also for beginners.

Is the theme responsive?

People will access your website from a wide range of devices. So you should choose a responsive theme that will quickly adapt to visitors’ circumstances. The less responsive a WordPress theme is, the more visitors you will lose. This is a crucial aspect when you have to choose a WordPress theme. Pay attention to terms and conditions when you purchase a theme. Some developers offer a refund for “it was not what I was searching for” cases.

Another important aspect related to design is that you should be able to change the colors and the fonts easily. If you don’t need it and you are happy with the default ones, it’s ok, but if you want to change them, not having the possibility to do it is a burden.

Do you have to work a lot to customize it?

If you have little WordPress skills, then you should definitely check the reviews and the comments about the theme you want to choose. Of course, the demo version might look fantastic. But if you want to place six images instead of five in a particular section, and for this, you have to write a lot of code you do not know how to write, well, then this is a problem!

“Test drive” the theme in demo mode and do your research. Read theme’s description and setup instructions to find out how easy it is to customize it. Another critical aspect that can go into this customization category is related to theme settings. Is theme settings section user-friendly, intuitive, easy to use? An excellent place to check would be screenshots. There you can see how the theme organized the setting sections.

Plugin compatibility

The chances are that you have some plugins you cannot work without. It is essential to check if a specific theme supports these plugins. When it comes to free WordPress themes, it’s easier to test and verify this theme-plugins compatibility. But if you decided for a premium theme, the best solution would be to ask the developer.

Is it a SEO friendly theme?

It’s wonderful to get a nice design, a great color scheme WordPress theme. But don’t forget that you also have to exist for search engines. You can check theme’s Search Engine Optimization capabilities manually. There are also online services that show you how SEO friendly a theme is. For example most awarded seo tool SEMrush. Again, if you chose a premium theme, the developer will be able to offer you all this important information about the theme.

What about Social Media?

Regarding Social Media, you can always add some amazing plugins. But since Social Media are becoming a more and more important presence in the online environment, it would be nice to have built-in social media integrations and widgets.


Choose and test your WordPress theme carefully. It is a key part of your website. Let us know in the comments what are your favorite themes.

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